003-DS2001 - DGBox - DGLogik Model 003-DS2001

003-DS2001 - DGBox - DGLogik Model 003-DS2001

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003-DS2001 - DGLogik, Inc.

The DGBox is an economical, multi-protocol, tool-less, graphical front end with state of the art graphics... all neatly packaged in - you guessed it - a box!

Just how simple is it to setup? All you need to do is:
  1. Plug the box in
  2. Connect to it with your web browser
  3. Discover your BACnet, Modbus or other protocol devices
  4. Bring in your data points
  5. Build your dashboards and graphics

DGBox Highlights
  • Many standard protocols are supported, both IP and serial, and protocols are added as needed
  • Built-in features like WiFi, and specialized drivers for XML-based gadgets such as the Mamac Maverick and Functional Devices (RIB) IP Relay
  • A unique data driver known as the Http-Retriever. This very powerful driver has the ability to read and write (get & post) to data points on any html web page or XML interface.
  • Control virtually anything. Need to get real time Kwh pricing info from your regions ISO and control the EMS system? Set it up to pull that data from the ISO

Product Information

Additional Information

Manufacturer DGLogik, Inc.
Part Number 003-DS2001
Short Description DGBox - DGLogik Model 003-DS2001
DDC Controls Type IP Based Controllers

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