Networking Technology Training Resources

Are you participating in our IP and BACnet Networking 101 Training class on May 14-15, 2014? Bennett Levin from Contemporary Controls will be here to cover information that all BMS solution providers should know.


Another training resource from Contemporary Controls is their library of videos on networking technology.

In their latest video, find out how to use Niagara or Sedona Workbench to save and restore a simple Sedona program running on a BAScontrol20. Beyond saving and restoring a program, the example also shows useful actions relevant to other Sedona tasks such as:

  • opening a device,
  • opening Sedona,
  • selecting and moving components,
  • accessing and opening Sedona Palette,
  • dragging components from Sedona kits to a wiresheet,
  • connecting and enabling components,
  • accessing Sedona Tools and the Application Manager — where executing a Get and a Put accomplishes the respective save and restore.

Watch the Contemporary Controls video.