What Do You Do When the Power Goes Out in a Hospital?

In the event of a power outage in a hospital, laboratory, research center, or other critical application, the PSH550-UPS-BC power supply from Functional Devices will provide power to your controller or other devices.

PSH550-UPS-BC Features

  • 550VA commercial UPS, NEMA 1 enclosure, and a BACnet® compatible interface board
  • Hardwire line voltage to UPS
  • Hardwire UPS to final load
  • Clean & neat use of a UPS, keeping equipment and cords tucked inside the enclosure
  • Extra 120 Vac outlet & 10 Amp circuit breaker on/off switch for testing functionality of UPS
  • BACnet® objects include: Line or UPS power, UPS percent load, VA load, UPS battery capacity, USB connection, and remaining battery time

PSH550-UPS-BC Wiring Diagram



Images of the Power Supply PSH550-UPS-BC