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Do You Know the Most Common Application for an RIBU1C from Functional Devices?

The most common application for the RIBU1C is...

turning on a 120V indoor blower fan from a 24V household thermostat!

And, we've got step-by-step instructions for you right here:
  1. Turn off Thermostat and Circuit Breaker (at electric panel)
  2. Connect Wht/Blu wire to G terminal of Thermostat
  3. Connect Wht/Yel wire to C or Comm terminal of Thermostat
  4. Connect ORG wire to 120 Vac line voltage (from electrical panel breaker feed)
  5. Connect YEL wire to 120 Vac input of Fan
  6. Connect Neutral wire from Neutral Bus to Neutral input of Fan
  7. Individually cap off unused wires using wire nuts (Wht/Blk, Blu wires)
  8. Double-check wiring
  9. Turn on Circuit Breaker
  10. Set Thermostat to turn on Fan

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Vortex Flow Meters from Vortek Instruments

Vortek's Vortex Multivariable Meter is a powerful tool that can help you:
1) Simplify your systems,
2) Reduce your equipment costs, and
3) Ease installation and maintenance issues.

With three sensing elements in a single Vortex flow meter, you can measure the mass flow rates of gasses, liquids, and steam with more accuracy than using external measurement techniques which may not compensate for dynamic process conditions sufficiently. A vortex meter has a shedding velocity sensor, an RTD temperature sensor, and a solid-state pressure transducer.

Get precise measurements from nearly any location when you need it. Vortex meters can be installed almost anywhere - including hot tapping.

The Vortex Meter is flexible, powerful, and available in wide variety of options and configurations.

View the Vortex Flow Meter Datasheet (PDF)

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