2018 Niagara Summit – Jim’s Top Picks

Breakout Sessions


Time: Monday, 2:15 PM

Speakers: Fred Gordy, Rick Warner, Brian Gilmore, Greg Barnes, Ron Victor IOTIUM

Why you should attend: I think this is a  basic requirement for today’s systems and the world we live in and worth a review!


Time: Tuesday, 10:30 AM

Speakers: Stefano Strapparava, Ged Tyrell

Why you should attend: Wireless and IP technologies, in general, is a core part of our domain as IoT integrator’s and this session should not be missed!


Industry Speaker
Niagara Summit-Brian Gilmore.jpeg
Speaker: Brian Gilmore
Why: Splunk’s core business model is not something SIs and Technology Distributors get involved in on a day to day basis if ever (large parallel processing across distributed server farms to crunch large data queries or equations in milliseconds) however, what they do is incredibly powerful and an eye opener into how valuable the data is in the systems we are involved in and I think that value will be the take away from this unusual session speaker.  
About Brian: Brian is Splunk’s Chief Technology Advocate for IoT and Industrial Data. A former practitioner in mechanical systems automation, integration, and data analytics, he currently focuses on enabling Splunk’s partners and 13,000+ worldwide customers to increase asset performance and availability, improve service levels, reduce operations costs, mitigate security risks, enable compliance, and create new product and service offerings using insights from the big data generated by mechanical systems and connected devices. His broader technology interests include machine learning, artificial intelligence, and natural language processing.
Have fun in NOLA! 
What: Hip-On, Hop-Off Bus for City Sightseeing
Why: There is a get-on, get-off (open top) tour bus that picks up across the street from the hotel and tickets can be purchased at the concierge desk.

This is a worthwhile activity as it does a long loop around parts of NOL and the fact-based audio guide is very interesting and a nice way to get to know the area and its history and you can get on and off at different stops as desired.




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